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Faery: The Faery Chronicles Book 3

Secret Fire Press is proud to release the third book in The Faery Chronicles series, Faery.


Faery cover ebook

Kevin Landon, magical liaison between humans and the fae, helped save the world from a Demon and restore his city to some semblance of normal, but the aftershocks of that fight threaten to tear apart the one realm that determines the fate of all the others: the realm of Faery.

A mystical sickness weakens the realm, rendering it vulnerable to a hostile takeover. A powerful, ancient force invades, intending to make Faery her own. Her name is Famine—a Horsewoman of the Apocalypse—and the plan she sets in motion threatens to shake the foundations of all the worlds.

Kevin and his Faery singer, Simone, are all that stand between Famine and the throne of Faery. Between fear and love. Between life and death. The price of defeat is unthinkable, but victory may cost Kevin more than his life. It may cost him his soul.

New Fiction

Secret Fire Press announces the reissue of the first two books in Leslie Claire Walker’s young adult fantasy series, The Faery Chronicles.

Hunt cover ebook

Blowing off steam at a Saturday night party with the girl you really want to date can lead to hearing your friends’ thoughts, pissing off the Faery King, and imminent mortal danger — if you’re sixteen-year-old Kevin Landon, instant freak.

His new normal: A best friend with a mind-blowing secret. A rock-n-roll siren doomed to lose her humanity. A father obsessed with a life stolen before its time.

The Faery King weaves a powerful trap to snare them all, leaving Kevin with only one way out. He must find a way to wield his magic before time runs out for the people he loves. If he fails, everyone and everything he knows will be lost.

Demon cover ebook

Rudolph Diamond Davies III: Senior class clown. Hawaiian-shirt-wearing party dude. Apprentice Faery Seer trained to enforce the peace among humans, faeries, angels, and demons. No problem. Until a friend’s spell to summon a capital D Demon devastates Rude’s city in the blink of an eye.

The spell changes everything—and everyone—within its reach. Some people vanish without a trace. Some lose their sanity. And those who carry magic within them begin to change as the spell reshapes and remakes them, turning them into their own worst nightmares.

If Rude can’t find a way to stop his own terrifying transformation, he will be damned. The arrival of the Demon will destroy more than his city and all the people within. The Demon’s magic will destroy the world.