Coming Summer 2016

Night Sanchez knows how to survive being hunted by relentless magical assassins. After all, she used to be one, a member of The Order of the Blood Moon—until the fateful night she aborted a mission to kill a magically gifted ten-year-old girl.

Night took the girl and ran, raising the child as her own, always looking over her shoulder, moving from city to city. In Portland, Oregon, she finally finds a place she believes she and her daughter can stay, the first and only true home she’s ever had.

That certainty comes crashing down all around her in a perfect magical storm: The sudden, unexpected appearance of a member of the Order. A deadly threat from the descendants of fallen angels. And the beginning of the end of the world, as the Angel of Death walks the Earth and sets his apocalyptic vision in motion—a vision that snares Night and her daughter in a trap from which they may never escape.




Stories create the world. They live on your skin. In your bones. Lose your stories? Cease to exist. The world will not remember you. Sally Gold has only one chance to stop that terrible death from happening to everything and everyone she loves: She must take a dangerous road into a parallel world and battle an evil older than time itself.




A short story sixpack – six tales of life, death, and the road less traveled. Includes As the Crow Flies, Max Velocity, Fortunate Brave, Offerings, The Devil Wears Combat Boots, and The Truth According to Margot Williams.



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